Constant Elevation – Research & Development (2002)

White Lotus and Emcee Turks: Vocals
Matt Wemple: Guitar
Corey “Junk” Gabree: Bass
Eric Walrath: Drums

Previously unreleased eight-song demo recorded November 13, 2002. We pretty much recorded all these songs in one pass each then Mark and I rerecorded the vocals after.

Recorded by Pythagoras at the Wemple guest house on North Westcott Rd., Rotterdam, New York. Vocals recorded by Pythagoras at Pah Mai Studios, Albany, New York. Mixed by Pythagoras at Pah Mei Studios. Remixed by Pythagoras around 2005 at 510 Madison Ave., Albany, New York.

The guitars were really low in the original mix of this so using some audio engineering trickery I “remastered” the album a couple years later and made them louder.

Click here to download zip file of entire album via Google Drive

1. No Shame

2. Power Struggle

3. Rhetorical Question

4. Proud to Be

5. Freedom of Speech

6. Keep On

7. Modern Tragedy

8. E-n-Diggs